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Hello✌️My name is Daviher Loredo and I was born in a magical town in Mexico🇲🇽. I have an uncontrollable attraction to 👊 fight against visual boredom and that's why I studied 👁️ Visual communication, but most of what I know, I learned on the internet and from extraordinary people 🤓 For almost 🔥5 years now, I have worked with many clients around the globe 🌎 making all kinds of creative 🤯 stuff but illustration and design are my main ingredients. I’m currently fighting and hopefully, only death will stop me⚰️

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Here is a little bit more about me: 

Proudly Mexican

I barely know how to drive

I listen to music 16 hours a day

Lactose allergic

Clouds are the most beautiful thing in nature

Frustrated rockstar

I like to eat while watching recipes videos


Sketchbook collector


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